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Are you considering a career in real estate?

Real Estate as a professional career for the right person can be both fulfilling and potentially lucrative. You may be asking yourself — how do I know if I’m the right person — that I’m suited to the rigours of real estate sales? The simple answer is there’s only one way to know for sure and that’s to complete the pre-licensing course offered by the governing body of your State or Province and give it a try. Links have been provided to the various governing bodies further down on this page.

Do you have what it takes?

A career in Real Estate can be exciting and fulfilling, but it can also represent a big step in a person's life. Real Estate sales is a commission only business, meaning that you only generate income when you successfully help someone buy or sell a home. Being skilled at budgeting is therefore essential skill.

In order to assist customers with their buying and selling needs, you must first find them. This is known as prospecting for business and is an essential part of every successful Realtors day.

Results Oriented Training

At HomeLife™, we take your training and development needs seriously. Whether you are a new Realtor looking to start your business, or an existing Realtor looking to take your business to the next level; our HomeLife University has the sales training you’ll need to take control of your future and build your real estate career!

If you are a goal-driven, service oriented entrepreneur who is serious about building a successful real estate career and making a difference, then joining HomeLife™ is the right choice for you.

A HomeLife™ sales representative embodies many of the characteristics and strategies listed below:

  1. Have Focused Goals — HomeLife™ sales representatives are success oriented and focused on short and long term business goals. These defined goals and planned activities are evaluated and adjusted regularly to meet changes such as market shifts. Underpinning sales representative efforts is a commitment and passion for success.
  2. Willing to go Beyond Sales to Build a Practice — Sales representatives who have successful real estate careers systemize processes in order to better manage time and be organized. Able to prioritize tasks and productive activities, successful sales representatives nurture and build trust and confidence with a database of contacts that understand the Higher Standards™ of HomeLife™ real estate service.
  3. Specialize in Specific Target Markets — Instead of choosing too broad an approach, successful sales representatives identify three to four areas that fit their skills, experience and personality. Whether it's a geographical focus or concentration on commercial or luxury properties, highly skilled sales representatives choose to work with whom they like and who have similar interests.
  4. Are Great at Time Management — Successful sales representatives have a vision and a plan that operates as a starting point for implementation. To maintain clarity and focus, and to get the best payoff for time invested, sales representatives choose high leverage activities such as maintaining contact with database clients. With a dollar-productivity mindset, focused sales representatives are committed to a daily productivity plan, are self-propelled and realize that discipline is the key to maximizing time.
  5. Are Early Adopters of Technology — Sales representatives consistently deliver Higher Standards™ service that exceeds client expectations. It is important to learn new technology that will help facilitate and systemize the real estate process.
  6. Know The Primary Objective Is Marketing — Sales representatives know that business development and marketing are just as important as sales. Such professionals understand the value of a compelling marketing plan that defines their unique selling proposition and incorporates the HomeLife™ portfolio of innovative and affordable marketing systems.
  7. Connect and Consistently Follow Up with Prospects — While effective marketing is good for attracting leads, following up is the key to convert such leads into successful transactions. Successful sales representatives know the value of a database that helps them maintain contact with future prospects to build trust, rapport and confidence in their service. Successful sales representatives are patient, dedicated and do not give up on leads. People prefer professionals whom they trust and know will keep on top of things.
  8. Have A High Level of Integrity, A Healthy Ego and An Optimistic Attitude. — Vital to the growth of a successful sales representative's business is the core belief that he or she will win and that anything can be achieved with focus and effort. Integral to outstanding achievement is a healthy ego to help sales representatives maintain faith and confidence in their ideas in order to reach peak performance.
  9. Build Networks of Influential People — Sales representatives proactively network with influential people as well as build and maintain relationships within a community. They form a large sphere of influence, which generates high-level referrals and powerful testimonials.
  10. Work Hard: Under-Promise and Over-Deliver — Sales representatives who thrive have high values and operate ethically. They do not take short cuts but, rather, strive to achieve the highest standards in all they do. Patience, integrity, hard work and a determination not to settle for anything less than the best underpin a dedication to Higher Standards™ in all their real estate activities.
  11. Are Great Communicators and Active Listeners — Patient communicators ask pertinent questions and acknowledge answers, sales representatives who excel are always determined to define a client's needs and desires. Active listeners, they base client communication on facts and market statistics.
  12. Consistently Invest in Self-Development — Focused on constant improvement, such sales representatives always read industry-related information, attend seminars, listen to audio programs, participate in continuing education programs and exchange ideas with colleagues.
  13. Know the Local Real Estate Rules and Regulations — Success is the result of taking the time and effort to become true professionals. Current knowledge of all local, state/provincial, and national guidelines allows them to work in their client’s best interest.

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